Since I started my online gallery in 2010 I have always offered my paintings in a Free Frame of choice, and as a Service to my Collectors, I don't add extra costs for this and Worldwide + Insured Shipping is also included. Just to make your Experience better. 

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You can choose from 4 Frame options. I like to offer my paintings complete, satin gloss vanished, framed and ready to hang.

I am not a framer, and styles are very personal, so you can pick one you like, and if needed you can bring it to your local framer to find another frame that would suit your personal style perhaps better. Below you can view the 4 different frames I offer at no extra cost.



I'm always happy when you email me it has arrived and that you're happy with it. But if you are not happy with it you can easily ship it back and have Money Back Guarantee. You have Money Back Guarantee on all Painting purchases.

If for any reason you want to return a painting, return it within 14 days after buyer receiving it in the same condition it was sent. When you send it you'll need to ship it insured, so you'll get a tracking code and send me the code. When I've received it back I can refund money paid minus fees (4% PayPal/Stripe).

In the last 10 years of selling my paintings online, I've sold my paintings with a 99.5% Happy Customer success rate. Most say "It's even better looking holding it in my hands..", which is often true. Viewing a Painting eye to eye always supersedes viewing a photo of it. I hope you'll enjoy my paintings a lot and for a Very long time!:  



• In this website, you'll find Paintings & Art Products for Sale.
• Inventory will change from time to time. All Paintings available in this webshop are not available anywhere else currently.  When paintings get sold or exhibited elsewhere they are taken out of this webshop's inventory. Enjoy what's here currently!


In this shop, you'll only find originals created by Roos Schuring. Sometimes people ask about creating copies: my answer is: I couldn't create copies, even if I wanted to. Maybe that's because I only work from life. So what you see are the originals only, one of a kind, one singular piece existing in the world. Enjoy the works!




My most favorite darker frame. Dark Brown with moderate Brass/Golden lines. Fits great on most (darker) Paintings.


This is a great Mid-tone Golden Frame. It's matte, not high gloss, I like it for most Seascapes and all paintings that don't fit the Brown or Light frame. 


Some paintings need this wider more warm colored Golden frame. Fits great on most paintings. Whether the painting looks better in either Frame 2 or 3: It's such a tiny difference, but with great effect differences. If you are considering 2 or 3, ask me to test it and video record it for you. 


Some Paintings need a lighter frame on them. This is the widest, creme colored with a Golden line. This one suits the Florals very well. Some Landscapes or Seascapes fit it also, but it's not as often as Frame 2. This example painting almost fits all 4. But in many cases, only one will be the best.


These two examples show the darker seascapes might need a mid-tone or darker frame.

Frame 5 is one I choose sometimes, the paintings that suit it will show it in their description, like some Florals do.