Painter in The Netherlands

In Nature You'll Find My Studio

I strive for pure, full of life end-results in paint and that's why I only work outdoors, eye to eye with my subject 'The Landscape'. I love Color, Light and Viewing Nature's Beauty, that's why I paint.

Then and Now

My dedication to Painting as a profession started when I was a kid. End of my teens I could start to sell my paintings and I've been a full-time painter ever since.

Blog, Videos, Teaching

With my Blog stories, videos and teaching I try to educate artists and enthousiasts, not to give up too soon and to trust the process, embracing fear or failure as natural parts of this process, to be open to experiment and to trust the effects in doing so. I think the key in getting more and more great results is Believing you can and an unstoppable studious attitude.


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My Blog

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Buying a Painting

You'll find the inventory to change per quarter. Seasonal themes come and go. Enjoy all that's available now! Here you can find all Purchasing & Guarantee Info:



Many artists came to study with me in the last 10 years of teaching 'Seascaping' at the beach. Today I offer also Online Painting Courses, taking the travel part out of the equation, and artists from all over the world can enjoy my teaching. All Courses info is here:

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